Refer to the illustration above to find the parts you require. The number on the item will be shown below.

1    Antiluce 8mm thread   Pk2

2   Antiluce as above but weld on   Pk2

3   Antiluce 12mm thread   Pk2

4   Antiluce as above but weld on   Pk2

5   Antiluce 12mm long thread   Pk2

6   Weld on antiluce plate for 8mm

7   Weld on antiluce plate for 12mm

8   Over-centre catch and plate

9   Sword pin spring loaded   Pk2

10  Sword pin anchor   Pk2

11  Alternative plate for 12mm ant.

12   Locking over centre catch

20  Rope hook 10mm    Pk2

21  Rope hook  12mm   Pk4

22  Tilt hook pressed steel   Pk5

23  Weld on hook 12mm

24  Butterfly hook

25  Plastic button for trailer cover   Pk6

26  Surface deck ring   Pk2 

27  Recessed deck ring

30  Trailer hinge 16"

31  Trailer hinge 6"

32  Gudgeon pin 12mm for above   Pk2

33  As above but weld on type   Pk2

34  Trailer hinge

35  Bolt on pin for above

36  Shoot bolt 10mm Stainless steel

37  Shoot bolt 12mm

38  Shoot bolt 12mm

39  Bonnet catch rubber type Small 

40  As above Medium 100mm

41  As above Large 190mm





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