250kg units
350kg units
500kg units
750kg units
Very good quality units with a solid drop arm and castle nut locking. Will suit any hub with 1" taper bearings. (items No1 2 or 4 on hubs page) Weld on mounting plates are a time saver on a new trailer build. Don't forget to order bolts, M8 x 25 for 250,350 & 500kg M12 for 750kg.

Use the extended stub type if you want to use a car wheel from a Ford or Peugeot (Item No4 on hubs page) as these give more clearance. You will also need these to use the 100mm pcd 13" wheel we sell. Try to find a tyre no more than 165 profile if using s/hand wheels.

This is the maximum weight trailer you can build without a braking system. Check your vehicle can tow this weight before building your trailer.

Use the mounting plate for the 350kg unit for these


Extended stub type
Extended stub type